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Instance Upgrades

Jul 07 at 03:00am MDT  –  Jul 12 at 11:59pm MDT
Affected services
Streaming API

Jul 07 at 03:00am MDT

We've had issues migrating to v4.3.0-alpha.5+glitch due to legacy configuration. I'm working to rebuild the entire instance stack from scratch which will set us up for success and resilience not only now but down the road.

This work is going to be done over the next ~5 days, and you should expect instance stability to be up and down, but endeavouring every effort to reduce the impact.

You may receive errors during this time, and I really appreciate your patience!

This will also finally move the web services over to OVH from Digital Ocean, reducing $102/mo in server costs.

I'll keep this thread up to date as this work progresses, particularly if we experience a downtime.